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Testing and assessment

In order to assess professional qualities of each particular candidate, ProfiStaff uses specialized tests for candidates in the following areas of professional occupation:
  • accounting;

  • audit;

  • financial management;

  • legal;

  • secretarial and PA;

  • and IT.

Testing of the candidates in the course of the general assessment enables us to obtain quality, objective and reliable data with regard to the candidate’s expertise, as well as to compare such data with the results received from other candidates.

Candidate’s Profile Assessment Report

Our state-of-art recruitment technologies and tools allow us to provide our clients with new opportunities for development, assessment and use of the human resources. Our clients can benefit from our specialized assessment tool, Candidate’s Profile Assessment Test. The test has been developed at PersonaGlobal, a world known training consultancy firm, and is now used by more than 1000 companies world wide. The tool allows to assess whether or not a prospective candidate would fit the offered position, as well as to identify his personal motivation and compatibility with the client’s corporate values.

The tests provide reliable and accurate results, and our clients also get access to their on-line versions. ProfiStaff acts as an exclusive partner of PersonaGlobal in Russia. Sample tests result are available below:

Sample Candidate’s Profile Assessment Report (pdf, 280 Kb)

A more comprehensive assessment is provided through our assessment center. Here we use a combination of complementing assessment measures aimed at appraisal of actual work behavior of the candidate, and his compliance with the requirements of the position and the company as a whole.

As assessment tools, we use an array of adapted tests and tasks developed by Pilat HR Solutions, a world leader in staff assessment. These tests and tasks include:

  • intellectual and psychological tests assessing intellectual potential of a given person;

  • personality tests that provide diagnostics of social and psychological peculiarities of the candidate’s personality;

  • personal curriculum vitae;

  • dedicated psychological tests aimed at identification of the candidate’s certain personality characteristics, i.e. level of social intelligence, managerial potential limitations, stamina, decision making style etc.;

  • Business-related tasks and role play games that illuminate the candidate’s behavior patterns in crucial business situations;

  • group methods assessing team player qualities, leadership potential, communication skills etc.;

  • structured in-person interviews conducted simultaneously by two qualified psychologist consultants.


We provide our expert opinion in respect of each candidate participating in assessment process. Each personalized report includes the following information about the candidate:

  • intellectual characteristics (level of development and thinking style);

  • psychological portrait: individual and social personality characteristics;

  • communication skills overview, interpersonal communication style of the candidate;

  • motivation and stamina;

  • management style, leadership and loyalty qualities;

  • management skills: ability to set objectives, plan ahead, delegate tasks and manage projects and people;

  • overview of factors motivating the candidate to work in the most efficient manner;

  • other information as requested by the client.

Upon request, we are ready to provide recommendations as to professional development of the selected candidate.

We are happy to provide you with any further information that you may need.
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