Executive Search

Executive Search (the process of identifying senior level candidates and creation of effective management teams) is one of the ProfiStaff’s core areas of business.

Today, Executive Search goes beyond mere recruitment of top managers and instead includes a bigger set of actions aimed at market research and identification of the leading professionals.

ProfiStaff commenced provision of the Executive Search service in 2005, and since then we have successfully completed a number of projects both in Moscow and Russian regions.

Search for the suitable candidates relies on a range of the up-to-date methods that involve extensive use of information technologies. The methods of industry analysis and identification of key professionals applied in the company have repeatedly proved its effectiveness. Our know-how enable us to make the best possible selection of candidates meeting individual needs of a particular client.

Executive Search stages
Stage 1 — Task setting

On this stage, the Client provides us with the information on its company and businesses, environment, prospective plans and specifics of the corporate culture.
The Client defines requirements to be met by the successful candidate, and sets objectives and tasks.
Our mission on this stage includes drafting of the Job Description (i.e. the list of detailed requirements with regard to the candidate’s experience and background, education, employment duties, scope of authorities and responsibilities, compensation package and career prospects).
Further steps include analysis of the current state of the Client’s business, as well as of the industry it operates in, discussion of the results obtained and agreement upon the appropriate task solution.


Stage 1 key results for the Client:
clear view of the current market conditions, deadlines and fees information, set requirements for the candidate, 'the ideal candidate’ profile description.


Stage 3 — Candidates assessment

Stage 3 comprises meetings with the best candidates, negotiations assistance and establishment of the effective dialog terms. On this stage, we provide the Client with a confidential written follow up report on the conducted interviews, which report includes relevant candidate’s personal characteristics, career background and achievements, results of the taken test, candidate’s strong and weak points in the light of Job Description requirements, compensation package provisions and motivation recommendations.


Stage 3 key results for the Client:
making final preferences with regard to the selected candidates.


Stage 5 — Closure

On this final stage we provide assistance with regard to candidate’s resignation matters, his adaptation at the Client’s company, and assessment of the candidate’s performance.
Our mission on this stage also includes provision and receipt of the relevant feedback.


Stage 5 key results for the Client:
commencement of the candidate’s employment at the Client’s company, candidate’s performance assessment.
Stage 2 — Candidates Search

On this stage, we define a search strategy with a view of identifying candidates meeting the established requirements.
We further undertake a preliminary assessment and testing of the found candidates, and analysis of their business reputation.
Other steps include discussion of lists of all found candidates (so-called long lists) with the Client, and selection of those most fully meeting the Job Description criteria.
The selected candidates become subject to in-person interviews (combined with their assessment and testing), following which short lists of repeatedly selected candidates are made.


Stage 2 key results for the Client:
list of selected candidates available for personal meetings with the Client.


Stage 4 — Selection of the Final Candidate

On this stage, we undertake verification of the candidate’s reference letters and reputation information, and collect additional data on the candidate. Upon request of the Client, we are ready to do a more comprehensive check of the selected candidate.
Further actions include assisting in final employment negotiations, drafting of the Job Offer and resolution of any questions of issue.


Stage 4 key results for the Client:
selection of the final candidate, finalization of the employment terms.
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