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We offer full-circle management consulting services, from situational analysis to assistance in organizational changes implementation.

We also provide organizational management services for companies' sales departments that liaise directly with customers. We charge NO FEE from our clients for diagnosis of the company situation. Our experience includes successful implementation of various projects, including those for big retail clients. Our consultants possess solid PRACTICAL experience at successful chain companies.


1. Turnkey Retail Management Solutions

  • developing internal policies and standards for retail chain enterprises of any kind;

  • establishing control procedures regulating operational effectiveness;

  • distance and branch management solutions for retail chains;

  • revising and adjusting purchase and pricing policies;

  • assortment matrix analysis and implementation of category management principles;

  • POS profile finalization;

  • regional strategy development and adaptation.

2. Crisis Management

  • express analysis of company situation and objectives setting for 2010;

  • analysis of market prospects and profitability of the product lines;

  • cost reduction potential analysis and cost optimization solutions.

3. Business Planing and Analysis

  • business plan development and revision;

  • business models analysis and revision.

4. HR Management Solutions

  • staff selection and allocation;

  • staff training and development;

  • staff assessment.

5. Staff Testing and Assessment

  • senior and mid level management assessment interviews;

  • staff selection and assessment via assessment center;

  • developing procedures and conducting professional assessment of staff of a given department.

6. Service Quality Management

  • developing customer service standards;

  • sales staff training for quality customer service;

  • customer-oriented motivation solutions for sales staff.

7. Policies Drafting and Development

  • HR policies (recruitment, employment, certification etc.);

  • corporate standards with regard to customer service, dress code and behavior;

  • sales guide books.

8. Merchandising

  • Full-circle merchandising solutions for commercial (assortment strategy, sales estimation) and visual merchandising. We provide services on chain and assortment analysis, development strategy and competition analysis, and give distinct recommendations as to assortment, products display and customer information service.

9. Consulting for Managers
9.1. Personal effectiveness

  • enhance the strong qualities and overcome weaknesses by way of converting them into sharp and effective management tools;

  • develop "success profile" (i.e. complex of crucial qualities a manager must posses to ensure the company's success and growth) that allows for the company business specifics and environment;

  • maintain contacts with top managers on an ongoing basis and develop business problem solving skills through individual coaching sessions.

9.2. Team effectiveness

  • form the right team through external and internal recruiting, assess all strong and weak points of candidates;

  • ensure that team members make complementing, cooperative and effective work companions able to understand both one another and their manager;

  • make sure that all team members are appreciated, find individual approach to each member of the team;

  • ensure positive team environment that brings people together and cultivates appropriate business culture.

9.3. Business effectiveness

  • comprehend the role and impact of the human factor on business effectiveness;

  • project the management″s business vision onto all levels and help staff share this vision;

  • implement the necessary changes in such a way so as to avoid or mitigate any resistance;

  • make most initiative, efficient and talented employees the supporting base of the transition period.

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