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Staff training and development

Indeed, employees are the main resource of any company.

To make a company work effectively, it is important, in addition to forming the right team, to develop that team on an ongoing basis. Investments into staff development prove to be sufficiently effective, as apart from providing employees with certain practical skills and improving the company's business processes, they stimulate staff's self-development.

Our trainers and consultants are not only leading professionals. They are, first and foremost, practical experts possessing own unique developments and experience in project implementation, alongside extensive knowledge of specifics of Russian business.

Our business and staff trainings are based on special programs and methods that will help your employees become true specialists. Upon request, we are ready to adapt our training materials to your specific needs.

All trainings are designated to develop certain skills and competences of the given employees, and are practical results-oriented.

The list of our corporate trainings and staff development programs
Subject Program name / program form
Time management Efficient time management / base training
Efficient time management as a means for personal efficiency / training seminar
Communication skills Business negotiations / base seminar
Presentation and public speaking / base training / master class
Art of communication / training seminar
Effective communication / training seminar
Management of conflict situations Effective conflict management / base training
Effective delegation Effective delegation/ base training
Effective leadership Leadership for managers/ training
Sales skills Models for individual sales / base training
Creative sales / training
Sales of luxury goods / training
Exhibition work Advanced techniques of exhibition work / training
Stress management Stress management / training
Sales Direct sales / training
Phone sales / training
Negotiations skills Phone communication skills/ training
Conflict resolution and complaints management / training
Customer service Обслуживание клиентов в торговом зале/ тренинг-семинар
Training programs development
Training programs conducting and performance
Training programs development techniques/ base training/ master class
Training programs conducting and performance/ base training/ master class
Search and Recruitment methods
Candidates' assessment methods
Search and Recruitment methods for companies/ training seminar
Effective interviewing / training seminar
Staff motivation and stimulation Motivations as a means for stimulation of staff effectiveness / seminar
Merchandising in retail business Increasing your sales through smart spacing, displaying and window dressing / training seminar
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