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Mass recruitment

Mass recruitment is a recruitment service performed in respect of alike, same-type positions. The service is much requested by clients hiring staff for stores, factories, hotels and call centers, during seasonal bursts of activity, or when organizing promotion actions or exhibitions.

What makes mass recruitment different from other recruitment services is a greater number of alike positions, tight deadlines, greater screen-out rates on each selection stage, high turnover and certain difficulties in interviewing and meeting simultaneously a wide stream of potential candidates.

Why mass recruitment at ProfiStaff?
  • experience in mass projects: we have successfully completed a wide range of mass projects in retail, manufacturing, construction and other industries. We will be happy to provide references upon request;

  • prompt service delivery: we always meet our deadlines;

  • our polished search techniques: our specialists use elaborate search techniques to find you the right candidates;

  • quality: we interview all candidates and apply specialized methods for testing and assessment, depending on the project;

  • guarantees: free of charge replacement is guaranteed within one month (or, within another term as may be agreed with the client) following the placement;

  • individual approach: for each project, we develop a special, client-minded program.

More benefits for out clients:
  • We save your time — we provide you only with tested candidates;

  • We save your money — we act on 'payment by results’ terms.

Our fees start from RUR 5,000.
Volume discounts available.
  • We save your resources — our clients do not spend their resources on the project and hence are able to focus more on their business development.

As at 20 January 2017, our CV database includes:
Position Number of CVs
1 shopworker 104563
2 cashier 56045
3 administrator 14009
4 driver 89016
5 loader 67543
6 packager clerk 34211
7 store keeper 11056
8 wrapper clerk 25098
9 cleaner 11844
10 call center operator 39067
11 promoter 54402
12 merchandiser 45371

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